Our menu is 'Traditional Churrasco' over the Winter Season, New Years Eve and busy holiday periods and festivals.

In the Summer Season our menu changes to A la Carte with a variety of delicious meat and seafood dishes.

All desserts are made in house to give you a delectable mix of fresh tasting flavours.

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Come into the restaurant to have look at our extensive wines, beers, spirits and schnapps!

Brazilian Cocktails

Caipirinhna (kie-pur-reen-yah) is Brazil's national cocktail, made with cachaca (ka-sha-sa), sugar and lime. Cachaca is Brazil's most common distilled alcholic beverage

Caipiroska the younger sister of the caipirinha with vodka, fresh limes and sugar

Caipirissima with rum, fresh limes and sugar

Caipivinho Branco white wine, cachaca, fresh limes and sugar

Caipivinho Tinto red wine, cachaca, fresh limes and sugar

Brazilian Mojito Cachaca, fresh limes, mint, apple juice and sugar 

Cocktail Menu