The Concept:

Step 1 Sit down, relax, and enjoy a drink while we explain the Sante Churrasco dining experience

Step 2 Turn your 'traffic light' green side up, signaling that you are ready for our gauchos to begin tableside service

Step 3 When you're ready for a pause in service, place your traffic light on its side

Step 4 Turn your traffic light green side up again once you're ready for more delectable fire-roasted meats to be sliced and served at your table. Our gauchos will announce what they're offering - you're free to accept, or wait for the next gaucho's offering if you prefer.
If you'd like more salad, please ask and we'll be happy to bring more

Step 5 When you are satisfied, flip your traffic light to red side up.
Your plate and cutlery will be cleared for you

Step 6 If you wish, end the meal with one of our delicious desserts, then relax with an after dinner drink or steaming espresso

Our Waiters: The Gauchos

In the southernmost region of Brazil, gauchos - South American 'cowboys' - traditionally prepare a feast for their families by slow-roasting various meats over an open pit, then serving them to each family member, carving tableside in a fine display of skill and hospitality. It is this unique way of cooking, known as churraso (shoo-rhas-co), that can be found all over the world today - whatever gaucho culture has made a new home.

Dining Experience

Your dining experience begins as we bring you today's selection of 3 special side dishes. These may include choices such as potato salad, salsa, rice, house-baked Brazilian cheese bread, marinated olives, grilled vegetables, polenta chips - and many more. If you'd like a top up of any of these at any time, please let your gaucho know and we'll be happy to bring you more.

Turn your 'traffic light' green side up and our gauchos will continue to serve you a sumptuous array of seasoned beef, lamb, pork, chicken, pineapple and Brazilian sausage.
When you're ready for a break, just turn your traffic light on its side.
When you've had sufficient from the BBQ selection, turn your traffic light red side up and we will clear your plate for you.

Feel free to select a wine from our extensive menu, or sip on a refreshing Caipirinha (kie-pur-reen-yah), the traditional Brazilian Cocktail made with cachaca (Brazilian rum), sugar and crushed limes, served over ice.